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Gina Lacey

R+F Independent Consultant

My best business moment:
Teaming up with the Doctors who created Proactiv® Solution in their newest business venture

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My Story


The last several years of my life have brought many changes. As a divorcee and a mother of two, I found myself starting over as a single parent. Being in a great position at the local hospital, then a solid move to an importing company, I wasn’t too worried about my financial future, but then more changes came my way. In November, 2011, the company I was working for went through some major changes and restructuring, and I was a victim of a layoff!  Unable to move, and disheartened by what was happening to all that I thought was all going so well, I decided it was time to redesign my plan. I discovered the Rodan + Fields business opportunity and knew I had found just what I needed to help my bridge the gap to my new career, and eventually make Rodan + Fields my sole focus.

I knew Rodan + Fields was perfect for me because I was so impressed with both the business model and the skincare products, and I saw that it would allow me a more flexible schedule so I could  spend more time with my kids in the long run. I opted to find a great job at a company with a focus on women’s health, and made the time to work my new Rodan + Fields business around my busy schedule. I advise others who sign up as Independent Consultants to develop a system of self-discipline, and not to take a lackadaisical approach. If you treat this like a business, it has potential to pay you like a business. I try to create set hours of operation for my Rodan + Fields business, which helps me stay on track and keep my eye on my goal, which is to make it my full time career. Within the next six months, I hope to be able to put even more energy into running my Rodan + Fields business. I am motivated by my twelve and fourteen-year-old, and like any mother, want to provide them with a life they deserve. I have never had to rely on someone else to raise my kids while I’m away working to make someone else’s dream come true, and I don’t want to start now!

Since becoming an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields, I am gradually creating the life I want by investing a few hours each week toward meeting my goals. I share my advice as an experienced business owner and working mother about time management, and emphasize the importance of valuing your time and making every second count. I make the most of my time by having a plan, and having a vision. I am creating a dream board that the kids and I add to, and one of those dreams is to fix up our home to be beautiful and comfortable. Then, we want to continue with kids’ dance classes, go on a fun-filled family vacation, and eventually finish the house with new windows and an exterior home facelift! Initially, I saw all these dreams as attainable over a five year period of time, but they are all coming together faster than I imagined.

If you want something badly enough you’ll always find the time. I went into this business knowing what I wanted out of it, and I am making my dreams a reality. In our new life, with our own home, my two amazing children, and dog, I am making starting over seem like a dream come true. Instead of seeing my kids an hour each day before bed, I now can spend more of their waking hours together, and now have the means to create more fun and bonding opportunities.  I can pick them up when they need a ride, and I don’t have to be stressed about working a second job out of the home for a company that doesn’t have my family’s interests in mind. Everyone has their own agenda, and my agenda is to give my children a good life. And now, after getting through the divorce and a layoff, the struggle to find a balance between working overtime at a corporate job (or another part time job) and not being available for my kids, I have created that good life. It is a life where I don’t have to worry, or rush, or miss out on my children’s childhood. It is the life all mothers want for their children, with a mom who is there for them every day.

I encourage other career mothers who want to create this life to pursue it with a vision in mind, and to share that vision with everyone they care about. Having everyone on board in working toward a common goal is important. Having goals you can achieve together makes them that much more attainable, and keeps you focused on what you want. Visualize your dream, and go!! 

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